Networks (Part II) - Navigation

Audience This is part II in a series about making economic inferences on network structures. The notation is covered in part I. Overview In the previous post I described the basic notations for representing network graphs. Here, I will introduce some definitions that relate to navigating in a graph. This...

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Networks (Part I) - Notation

Audience I assume you know what a network is, some areas where they appear (e.g. social media connection graphs, airline routes, supply chain logistics, etc.), and are familiar with or curious about formalizing these relationships mathematically. Consider this post more of a “cheatsheet” rather than a tutorial. This draws heavily...

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What is the "Potential Outcomes" Framework

Overview Potential outcomes is a set of techniques and tools for estimating the likely results of a particular action. More specifically, potential outcomes provides a methodology for assessing the effect of a treatment (aka intervention) when certain assumptions are believed to be true. Notably, this approach is often applied to...

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